2011-07-28 (20:30 - 22:30)

tl_files/images/films/devicesnilsposter2.jpgMTL PUNK: THE FIRST WAVE 
Érik Cimon + Alain Cliche | Canada 2010 | 46min. | Video | English & French w/ English subtitles
With filmmakers in attendance!
Thursday, July 28
Doors: 7:45pm
Films: 8:30pm

The history of Punk in Montreal! The punk movement reached La Belle Province in 1977, and now 30+ years later, some key players from the time give a frank account of their experiences—the music and the drugs, as well as a burning need to do things differently. MTL Punk includes rare archival footage of the Montreal punk scene and features music from the earliest local punk bands: The 222s, The Normals and The Chromosomes. MTL PUNK director Érik Cimon will be in attendance for a Q&A – and if we’re lucky, a few Normals too!  Montreal premiere of the English subtitled version!
Un travail archéologique sur les débuts du mouvement punk à Montréal! 30 ans plus tard, quelques éléments clés de la scène d’antan donnent leur opinion sur la musique, la drogue et le désir de faire les choses différemment. MTL PUNK met en scène de rares incursions au cœur de l’underground montréalais de la fin des années 70, le tout, sur un fond de 222s, The Normals et The Chromosomes. EN PROGRAMME DOUBLE : L’ULTRA-RARE documentaire de Jean-Pierre Laurendeau sur les NORMALS tourné en 1978. EN PRÉSENCE DU RÉALISATEUR ERIK CIMON, QUI REPONDRA A VOS QUESTIONS …et qui sait, peut-être quelques membres des groupes ci-dessus.
Plays with: 
Jean-Pierre Laurendeau | Canada 1978 | 15 min. | Video | French & English
This short doc from 1978, THE NORMALS by Jean-Pierre Laurendeau, was the source of many clips culled for MTL Punk.  Check out the amazing Motion Picture Purgatory review by cartoonist/early Montreal punk RICK TREMBLES at Rick's website!
BONUS EVENT: Immediately after the screening, continue your evening of Montreal punk & post-punk roots literally 2 blocks up the street at Barfly (4062 St-Laurent) with The Nils FC & The American Devices!

All the members of The Normals will be in attendance at Blue Sunshine & will be heading over to the after-party at Barfly afterwards. Rob Labelle, ex-member of The Normals (& appearing in both documentaries) has been playing in The American Devices since 1980. Devices member Rick Trembles is one of the interviewees in the film MTL PUNK: THE FIRST WAVE (and also drew tonight's amazing poster!!!!)

Carlos Soria’s new band The Nils FC is derived from the band he shared with his brother Alex, renowned early-80’s Montreal punk/post-punk band The Nils. Before The Nils, Carlos was in Rick Trembles' first punk band The Electric Vomit, referred to in MTL PUNK: THE FIRST WAVE.  Price of admission for both bands: $5 dollars!

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