FAB PRESS books now for sale at Blue Sunshine!

2010-08-14 12:36 by Kier-La Janisse

tl_files/images/films/a violent professional cover.jpgYou know 'em, you love 'em - those glorious movie books from the UK's FAB Press are now gracing our merch table - beautifully illustrated and astoundingly researched books on topics as diverse as Nikkatsu Action Cinema, Shinya "Tetsuo" Tsukamoto, visionary director Donald Cammell, Jose Larraz' Vampyres, Italian gangster films, Japanese pink films, Last House on the Left, and of course Robin Bougie's scatological Cinema Sewer and Stephen Thrower's absolutely essential Eyeball Compendium! And all are selling at "Fantasia"' prices, meaning, what Harvey normally charges for them at his Fantasia merch table - much cheaper than at other retail outlets!

Read all about FAB Press and their titles on he FAB Press website HERE!

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