HIGH FOR THE HOLIDAYS - retro drug series on 16mm - Nov. 26-Dec. 16!

2010-11-26 08:34 by Kier-La Janisse


This holiday season, you could choose to sit around a fireplace listening to Jingle Bells (or perhaps, Jingle Cats?) with your family.  But for us at Blue Sunshine, Christmas is a time of raucous endangerment and bad memories, and with that in mind, we’re happy to present a slew of movies that have nothing to do with the holidays, but plenty to do with getting high and getting drunk.  So come and experience our High for the Holidays film series at Blue Sunshine - on 16mm!

Blue Sunshine comprend que la saison des fêtes est une période où tout le monde devrait se sentir apprécié et aimé. Seulement, les réunions de familles sont des lieux propices aux domaines de la souffrance, des beuveries et des coups bas. Alors pourquoi ne pas le faire ouvertement avec nous!  Blue Sunshine est fier et de vous présenter sa série 'High for the Holidays'; une pléthore de 'quoi, qu'est-ce qui vient de se passer’, projetée au grande écran en 16mm!

Friday, Nov. 26 2010 8:30PM

Al Pacino and Kitty Winn (who won Best Actress at cannes for her role here) star as co-dependent heroin-addicted lovers trapped in the seedy life of New York's Needle Park. 16mm print!
Thursday, Dec. 2 2010 8:30PM

In a role admittedly inspired by Waylon Jennings, Rip Torn drags us along on a 24-hour hellride through the seedy honky tonk circuit in this masterpiece of 70s outlaw country excess. Rare 16mm print!

The Trip                            
Friday, Dec. 3 2010 8:30PM

In the throes of a mid-life crisis, TV commercial director Paul Groves (Peter Fonda) talks to a guru (cult icon Bruce Dern), who suggests that an acid trip will cure what ails him! Roger Corman directed this psychedelic odyssey concerning the curative properties of LSD, with a surrealistic screenplay written by Jack Nicholson!
tl_files/images/films/cisco pike 2CROP.JPG
Cisko Pike                                       
Thursday, Dec. 9 2010 8:30PM

Just released from jail for drug-dealing, onetime rock star Cisco Pike (Kris Kristofferson) dreams of making a comeback. But Pike's plans go awry when he's blackmailed by a crooked narc (Gene Hackman) into selling $10,000 worth of stolen marijuana. Co-starring Harry Dean Stanton, Karen Black, Doug Sahm & 70s cutie Joy Bang! 16mm print!
tl_files/images/films/deathinsmall dosesCROP.jpg
Death in Small Doses                         
Friday, Dec. 10 2010 8:30PM

The late Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible, Airplane) stars as an undercover cop out to expose the pill-popping dangers of long distance truck driving in this wild dexi-drama based on a Saturday Evening Post article and directed by Joseph Newman (This Island Earth)! Rare 16mm print!
Teenbeat Takeover Presents: The Touchables   
Thursday, Dec. 16 2010 7:30PM

Attention fans of mod fashion : this movie’s groovier than a mid 60s Yardley commercial! John Davis and Bobby Beaton from the GRUESOMES/FUAD + THE FEZTONES introduce this brilliant screwball film set in pop-art England about four mod dolly birds who kidnap a pretty-boy pop star for their fun. Music by psych band Nirvana! Ultra-rare 16mm print!

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