Video Editing and DVD Duplication Services

2011-11-26 17:56 by Kier-La Janisse


We have a 1-3 DVD burning tower that makes up to three copies of your film in 7 minutes or less. We can provide simple duplication for you (i.e. DVD and slipcover, no artwork) for things such as festival submissions, review copies, jury screeners, grant applications, etc. Same day turnaround depending on volume.

$2.00 per DVD/slipcover
$35.00 for 20 DVDs/slipcovers
$75.00 for 50 DVDs/slipcovers


Blue Sunshine personnel also offers simple editing services for $17/hr. We can capture video from DVCAM, mini-DV, VHS, DVD and various file formats. We have both MAC and PC editing programs and many conversion programs to output in whatever file format you need, as well as playable DVD. DVD costs additional and are as listed above.

We can edit things such as sponsor tags and logo reels, short film compilations, even custom made pre-show programming. We can also create hard-coded English subtitles (Additional fees apply for translation services).

Please contact Kier-La Janisse at or David Bertrand at for service requests or more information.

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