BLOODY VALENTINES: The 48Hr Horror Filmmaking Contest!


tl_files/images/bloody valentines logo.jpgBLOODY VALENTINES : The 48Hr Horror Filmmaking Contest!

Filming: Friday Feb 11, 7pm - Sunday Feb. 13, 7pm
Screening: Monday Feb 14th - 7:30pm
LIMITED TO 10 TEAMS - RSVP to to have a spot held for you!

As hundreds of DV filmmakers the world over have already learned, making a short film in one weekend can be terrifying. Lack of sleep is just the beginning of your problems when you are trying to corral actors into repeating their performance with more energy at 5 in the morning and you know you have only got another 6 hours to get a final edit of your masterpiece put together. Well, start brewing your coffee now, because Blue Sunshine brings you the inaugural Bloody Valentines : The 48-hr Horror Filmmaking Contest! Filming kicks off Friday Feb 11 at 7pm when each team is given a package containing a horror subgenre, weapon, prop and line of dialogue, and finished films must be handed in no later than 7pm on Sunday  Feb 13. All the films will be screened on Monday Feb 14th at 7 :30pm, with jury and audience prizes for best film! It is FREE to participate, but the Monday screening is regular admission. 

Comme des centaines de réalisateurs DV partout dans le monde ont appris (malgré eux), réaliser un court métrage en une fin de semaine peut être effroyable. Le manque de sommeil n’est que la pointe de l’iceberg de vos problèmes lorsque vous devez mettre en corral  un groupe d’acteurs devant répéter leur performance avec plus d’ardeur à cinq heure du matin, alors que vous savez pertinemment qu’il ne vous reste que six heures pour ficeler le tout au montage.  Tous à vos percolateurs, Blue Sunshine est fier d’inaugurer le Bloody Valentines : Le concours ‘‘film d’horreur en 48 heures’’!  Le tournage débutera le vendredi 11 février à 19 :00, lorsque que chaque équipe se verra attribué un paquet contenant un ‘sous-genre’ d’horreur, une arme, des accessoires et quelques lignes de dialogue. Les court-métrages devront être remis au plus tard le dimanche 13 février à 19 :00. Tous les films seront présentés le lundi 14 février à 19 :30, devant un jury qui récompensera le meilleur film. L’inscription est GRATUITE, mais la projection du LUNDI se déroulera selon les coutumes usuelles en ce qui attrait au prix d’admission.  


There's not too many rules, the big one is no production is to begin until after 7:00 PM on Friday, Feb 11th 2011. At the send off, all teams will meet and be randomly given a horror subgenre, prop and line of dialogue that must be used in your film. The point of the challenge is to complete all of the creative process of producing a short film within the 48 hours and hand in your finished film at 7:00PM on Sunday Feb. 13th 2011.

Anyone can enter the BLOODY VALENTINES Contest. There are no age restrictions and entry is open to amateurs and professionals alike. No one helping with the film, however, can be paid.

Kick-off and Drop-off Location:
Kick Off: Teams will meet at 6:30pm on Friday Feb. 11th at BLUE SUNSHINE (3660 St-Laurent, 3rd Flr). There, they will register and be given an envelope containing their randomly-assigned horror subgenre, weapon, prop and line of dialogue. At 7:00pm sharp, they will be told to GO! at which point they can rip open their envelopes and get to work on their masterpiece.
Drop Off: Teams will drop off their finished film on a playable DVD no later than 7pm on Sunday Feb 13th at BLUE SUNSHINE. Your film will be checked in and marked for the time it was handed in.

Film Content:
There are no restrictions to the content of the film except for these 5 basic rules:
1) All films must be under 8 minutes long, including credits.
2) All films must be some sort of horror film within your subgenre.
3) All films must contain the weapon,  line of dialogue and prop that will be assigned on Feb 11.
4) The films can contain violence or nudity but we cannot allow anything that would be deemed pornography according to local ratings. You may not harm real animals or unwilling people in the making of your video.
5) Films can contain pre-existing music or stock footage if necessary, but this may weigh into the jury process, as they are judging your film partially on originality.

Films that exceed 8 minutes will be disqualified and screened with the late submissions out of competition.

Finished film format:
Completed films must be handed in on a playable DVD. Films must be CLEARLY labelled with your team name and contact person's name and info. The film itself needs to have a title card with the following info at the beginning (which does not count toward the time limit): Team name, Film title, Subgenre and Weapon. (the 'prop' and line of dialogue will be the same for every film) Your DVDs of these films must be handed in by 7pm on Sunday Feb 13th to BLUE SUNSHINE - 3660 St-Laurent, 3rd Flr (or left in the mail slot on the main floor/outside of the building)
Missing the Time Limit:
Films handed in to BLUE SUNSHINE after the deadline will still be screened, but will be ineligible for competition and prizes.

Ownership of the finished film
The filmmakers have the rights to the finished videos. However, BLOODY VALENTINES reserves the right to include scenes from videos in future promotional materials.

Help and Further Info
If you have other questions that haven't been answered on this site, please call Kier-La at 438-885-5363 or email (for email please allow 24 hours for a response). We will do everything we can to help everyone out with all aspects of the competition, but if every filmmaker is looking for advice at 6pm on Sunday Feb 13, we're not going to be able to get to all of you before the deadline.....

Jury + Prizes
There will be a Jury Award for Best Film and and Audience Award for Best Film. The Jury consists of director Doug Buck (Cutting Moments, and the upcoming Theatre Bizarre), FX artist/Dread Central scribe Andy Mauro, and Motion Picture Purgatory creator Rick Trembles! The Jury Award winner will receive a 10-pack of tickets to the 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival, among other prizes from EVA B. , EVOKATIVE FILMS, THE MAINLINE THEATRE and more! Additional Prize sponsors to be announced here shortly!
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