Blue Sunshine's BLOODY HALLOWEEN PROM! 16mm print of PROM NIGHT (1980)!

2011-10-28 (20:00 - 22:00)

tl_files/images/films/prom night 1.jpgBlue Sunshine's Bloody Halloween Prom!
Paul Lynch | Canada 1980 | 89 min. | 16mm | English
Friday, October 28th
Doors: 7:15pm
Film: 8:00pm
16mm Print courtesy of TRASH PALACE!
Blood-spattered prom suits & dresses highly encouraged!
Be crowned the king & queen of
Blue Sunshine's BLOODY PROM!
Fresh from her career making turn as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter's body count landmark HALLOWEEN (1978), scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis zipped up to Toronto to star in this bloody "dead teenager" slasher classic. It's a gloriously tacky, sometimes genuinely creepy thriller, with gruesome murders, a real deal mystery (later mined for Wes Craven's SCREAM), a fantastic score by Paul Zaza and Carl Zittrer and...LESLIE NIELSEN. That's right, the late funnyman stars here in one of the many dramatic roles he was known for before becoming a staple in Hollywood spoofs like AIRPLANE! and THE NAKED GUN. (Chris Alexander)
plays with:
Alex Epstein | Canada 2011 |6min.
Director Alex Epstein - also writer of Bon Cop Bad Cop - in person!
Teenage Mary Margaret no longer reflects in the mirror:she let her vampire boyfriend Drew go “all the way” and now she’s undead! Her mom is going to so ground her. Her plain, loyal best friend Jo is shocked, and a little envious. But Drew is not the devoted boyfriend Mary Margaret thought he was, and Jo’s got a secret of her own.
Read an interview wih Alex Epstein in the October issue of Spectacular Optical HERE!

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