Halloween Bash! THE CYNICS present: BAD RONALD!


tl_files/images/films/bad ronald eye.jpgBLUE SUNSHINE + TEENBEAT TAKEOVER HALLOWEEN BASH!
The Cynics present
Buzz Kulik | USA 1974 | 74min. | 16mm | English
Saturday Oct. 30th
Doors + Pumpkin Carving: 6:30pm
Film: 7:00pm +/-
Creepy Halloween shorts! Nefarious Novelty songs! Pumpkin-carving! Scary Storytime by candlelight! Monster cereal and candy!!!
Pittsburgh’s garage legends The Cynics are Blue Sunshine’s guest curators for this double-header Halloween bash that includes a screening of the rarely-screened Bad Ronald in glorious 16mm followed by a live Cynics set up the street at Le Divan Orange!
Tickets available for Blue Sunshine-only ($10), or for the movie/concert combo ($20 - reg price for concert-only tix is $12 - save 2 bux!)!
First hop on yer broomsticks and head over to BLUE SUNSHINE (3660
> St-Laurent, 3rd Flr) for early-evening film frights, hosted by The Cynics!
> As guest curators, Pittsburgh’s garage legends The Cynics have selected a
> screening of the rarely-seen Bad Ronald in glorious 16mm!
One of the creepiest of ABC’s popular “Movie of the Week” series in the 70s, Bad Ronald stars Scott Jacoby as the stammering, geeky Ronald, who just  can’t get an even break among the jocks and Marcia Brady lookalikes who populate his school. After he accidentally kills the most popular girl in class, his mother devises a plan to hide him in the walls of the house and tell the police he has run away. But when mother goes to the hospital for surgery and doesn’t make it home, the house is presumed vacant and sold to another family. Little do they know that Bad Ronald is lurking in the walls, spying on them through little peepholes!
16mm print courtesy of Cosmic Hex
PLUS! Demonic Cinephile and Special NYC Guest, Thad Komorowski, presents a rare pre-program selection of Creepy Cartoons on Film! There'll be Jack-o-lantern contests with killer prizes and spooky spirit stories with The Cynics by candelight! Zoiks!! Grab yerself a bowl of Count Chocula and dig, you groovy ghoulies! Pumpkin Carvings, Revolting Records, Eerie Ghost Stories, Spooky Cartoon Shorts, and 16mm Creature Feature Madness - Curated & Hosted by THE CYNICS!
Next race up the street to LE DIVAN ORANGE for a Real Spine-Tingling Scream Scene! Three Disgusting DJ's blast you with bloodcurdling 45's! Three Ghastly Combos shock you with supernatural sounds! Hideous film projections sweep across the stage! It's a Monster Discoteque Dance Party with Gruesome Give-Aways, Free Hopped Up Sugary Treats, Tooth-Decay and More!Monster Masquerade Bash with The Broken Jugs, Le Chelsea Beat, and The Cynics - Live On Stage!
 * Revenge of THE CYNICS!
Steel City's Die-namic Sixties-Punk Creatures!
 Mod Montreal Garage Monsters!
Mind-Bending Psychodelic Rhythm'n'Ooze!
Plus! The Late DJ Valmont, Mad Michel Alario, and Clawdaddy Slime'n spin
ghastly twisters to give yer soul, er.. soles blisters!!
Des courts métrages d'Halloween qui donnent la chair de poule! De monstrueuses chansons ringardes! Des histoires d'épouvante à la lumière de chandelles!  Les légendes garage The Cynics de Pittsburgh sont les invités de Blue Sunshine pour cette programmation double de party d'Halloween qui inclut la projection du rarement présenté Bad Ronald en magnifique 16mm, suivi d'une performance live de The Cynics un peu plus loin au Divan Orange! L'une des plus frissonnantes de la populaire série “Film de la semaine” de ABC dans les années 70, Bad Ronald met en vedette Scott Jacoby dans le rôle Ronald, le nerd bégayant, qui ne peut jamais obtenir de répit de la part des gars populaires et des sosies de Marcia Brady de son école. Après avoir accidentellement tué la fille la plus populaire de sa classe, la mère de Ronald conçoit un plan où elle le cache dans les murs de sa maison et informe la police qu'il a fugué. Mais lorsque la mère doit subir une opération à l'hôpital et ne revient plus chez elle, la maison est présumée vide et vendue à une autre famille. Si seulement ils savaient que Bad Ronald rôde dans les murs, les espionnant à travers de petits trous! L'un des grands succès culte à retardement dans la même veine que The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane!
La pellicule 16mm obtenue grâce à Cosmic Hex! Billets disponibles pour le film seulement ou pour un combo film/concert!
(traduction: Emilie Christiansen)
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