Both Dave and Kier-La have strong genre backgrounds, and Friday nights will be when the freak flags fly, so to speak - the 16mm projector will come into play most frequently on these nights, as we bring together the best in horror, sci-fi, culty weirdness and exploitation classics from our stable of print collector pals. We'll screen new classics in-the-making alongside the tried and true favourites, and obscurities that have only recently gotten the props they deserve thanks to Stephen Thrower's book Nightmare USA, Lars Nilsen's Weird Wednesday programming at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, as well as through other pivotal programmers like Jack Stevenson, the folks at Cosmic Hex (formerly The Werepad) and Trash Palace. Seeing what condition the prints will be in will be half the fun, because with every jump and scratch you're literally seeing that film's history unfold before your eyes.

Also as an ongoing "mini-series" on the Trash + Cult nights, we'll be featuring the occasional show under the banner "A Very Special Episode" - a series of television ephemera featuring movies-of the week, defunct public access shows, afterschool specials, and of course the series' namesakes - those highly melodramatic sitcom episodes where characters face an actual problem, like meth addiction, child molestation or suicide - albeit with laugh track intact!


Currently there are no events.